Dr. Sonam Agarwal

Position: Phd research scholar

Date of enrolment :

Awarded on :

Duration : 4 years 5 months

Thesis title : "Studies on nutritional value and extracellular ligninolytic enzymes of oyster mushrooms"

Research area : The study was focused on the nutritional analysis of Pleurotus mushroom in terms of protein and carbohydrate by biochemical assays, minerals by ICP-MS and fatty acids by GC-MS. The study also involved the mushroom's enzymatic activity as well as antimicrobial activity against many gram positive and gram negative bacteria. These mushrooms were cultivated on agro and floral waste which are otherwise dumped in the water bodies or left to decay which causes several outbreaks of diseases as well as environmental issues.

Publications : 14

Current position : None

Email : sonamagarwal0590@gmail.com